Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Assessment webs



I meet my deadlines


I set challenges and mini comps if things get boring


I organise and keep track of my equipment.


I need nobody to remind me to behave or get back to work.


I keep my eye on the prize


I always have work to carry on with.




Self Reflection / Goals

I need to set more mini challenges or goals and complete everything on time at the end of the day instead of leaving it to the last minute.I must meet all my deadlines now to complete my T4 goal. I still need to set more

Quiddage writing

I have done well in Quiddage. Buying soup is quite good (with bread). Getting close to having 40 minutes retirement without business money. Our business the Poolstarz hasn't been the best but still has earned me enough to get 40 minutes. My jobs have included bank manager,accountant, technician, time keeper and QZ times editor.
I earn the most snidges for payslips.

Vis lang Assessment 4

What did I do Well?
B,B and B colours.
What is my next learning step?
To make more colours included.
What did I learn?
I learnt what lowing meant.

Y6 highlights

Aww man, we’re Year Sixes and we have to leave school. I've experienced some great camps like Palm Grove and Camp David. Our camps are so awesome!! With low ropes climbing over obstacles three metres above the ground and don’t forget orienteering tramping through the bushes. Sports too; yes my hockey team should have won last year. We scored way more goals than our rivals and they still managed to score a sudden death goal in the final. With Quiddage we can make and sell food or run games. Some of the teachers I've had have been great (yes you, Tee Cee). I never want to leave Riverdale, all my friends and teachers.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Dialogue Writing

"AAHHH do I have to jump?" asked Jed, horrified.
"If you want to be brave," Samuel replied.
"What's down there again?"
"A pool of ladybugs!"
"Can I jump yet ? I've been on one toe for half an hour now," Jed said tiredly.
"You could have jumped half an hour ago," laughed Samuel.
"Could have told me that,"
"So you jumping yet?"
"Let’s get it over and done with,"
"Here I go," Jed yells

Athletics Writing

Clap! The hurdle race starts! I start in third. On the first hurdle I jump too high. I slow down too much. At the second hurdle I jump well. but not well enough. On the third hurdle I jump perfectly and gain speed.

I start to catch up to graceon and Hadley. I can see the finish line more easily. With about two metres to go I catch up to graceon. Yeah! I beat him by about 5 centimetres!